Photography started several years ago by initially taking images of landscapes mostley in b/w and color film and processing them in the darkroom which we still have and use today. To continue my career ,I enrolled and received a diploma from  the "School of Modern Photography" in 1974.   We then joined the Professional Photograpers of America as well as the Prof. of Canada and British Columbia and the Canadian Association of Photographic Art. I have taken several workshops by such photographers as Bruce Barnhaum, Courtenay Miline, Joe Zelstman , Marty Rickard, and locals  pros Hugo Redivo and Sharon Milstein.    

            My work has received awards merit and recognization from our peer organizations. We continue to do Portraits -  of families, children, weddings , special events and Our special interest in Fine Art b/w photography. As photography has changed to digitial we continue to embrace those changes both enironmentally as well as Technologically in todays world . 

               Enjoy our Photography please contact us if you have quetions.  

                                                         -Danny Johnson